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Thursday, September 19, 2013


DM walking along the deserted beach, explaining his AD&D to the stars and the Moon and the waves breaking on the night shore. Centuries ago, a mad priest walked along the ocean shore and preached his sermons to the seagulls and the ocean waves. That priest knew where the Holy Grail was hidden. Another man in black raided across the English channel just to question and murder the mad priest. They were half-brothers and one wanted what the other one did not care for, nor known what he had, but this was a story from a different time and place...

Another man walks the empty beach. He walked through the door and left behind the city on fire. A nine-eleven multiplied by every house in town, multiplied by almost every city across the land. The wind blowing across the beach blows the sand into shadows dancing under the grey skies. These shadows beckon the man back through the red door to the nuked world he left behind. He is needed yet again. This was a future that never was.

DM sees the fruited plain cloaked in the dark of the night, or just the dunes during the daylight. The darkness is seeded with red eyes glowing everywhere. These are not shadows, or his past following him, nor are they prairie dogs looking at the intruder, rather these are the DM's audience, the readers of his blog, who stay anonymous.

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