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Sunday, September 22, 2013


What if we had a war and nobody came?
Among its uses, this here thing lets me concentrate all of the random jottings on my campaign in one place. It started simple enough. I wanted to better undrstand D&D and as such, I decided to lead a group of players thorugh most of the iconinc D&D adventures. To this end I found a group of reluctant players totally innocent of the AD&D rules. As the first adventure, I decided to use the Haunted Keep, a sample dungeon from the Tom Moldway Basic Set. I broke away from the wererats and created my own vermin infested Dungeon in accordance with the Dungeoncraft D20 supplement. The story was tweaked to fit more into my setting and thus my gameworld was born. Playing for about one wekend every six weeks, the multi level adventure lasted a year and a half. Now it is time to move forwards.

So long ago I was sitting on my day off and listening to Up Country book on cassette (an excellent story, I might add), and drew a map of the Barony. The events of the past game sessions have shaped the form of the next few game sessions when the characters will come out of the Dungeon and start housekeeping, getting to know the Baron's Court. Bfore that happens, I have to take my beautiful, intersting and thoughtfully rendered 400 square miles and make a sandbox. I haven't started to design the wilderness yet, so gathering the posts about my gameworld might help.

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