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Thursday, January 1, 2015


It will be great fun getting the game off the ground again! I am looking forward to recruiting new players once again! Before that, I am looking forward to typing the new adventure. I have my own word format for that! And before that, I got to sit down with my D&D notebook and start writing random stuff up. A lot of lightening seeds, and I remember most of them. Overall feel for the campaign setting. Looking forward to gaming at my place with the G/F present. She doesn't like playing all the weird fantasy stuff, but she just loves the attention. I am daunted, because she knows history and literature as well as I do and she can see through the bullshit of my invention. Then there ids the review of the D&D literature I got and I am stopping at AD&D second edition. It will be great fun if I can focus and get my timing together to get some writing done in spite of all the other things in my life competing for attention.