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Thursday, December 24, 2015


It was a cold and foggy day, the Yuletide in Midlands. Old Man Winter saw to it that no one was cheated despite the warm weather. It was a bad day for a country ride, and Greyhead mentioned in passing that he will give semi-private lessons to anyone, who bothered to show up at the fencing school. Everyone appeared at the first lesson, as if on cue. There were regular men at arms, who brought their buddies along to marvel at the legendary man. There were acquaintances from the Baron's Court, who dropped coin for a private lesson or two to refine their technique. A few uncouth princelings thronged with little sibs and followers, from Sele Baar and Sele Klawu mostly, actually Grey's favorite student or two among them.

Grey looked at the scene with some astonishment and barely concealed satisfaction, and ordered that the barn doors be thrown wide open, for people to take shelter from the rain. He also ordered his senior students to erect the tent roof nearby, so that everyone can shelter from the rain. Xadas led everyone in warm up exercise and someone brought a wagon load of firewood and started a bonfire to chase away the chill and the fog. Grey conferred with the senior students, and then started instructing each person individually, student or not, so long as they warmed up and wanted to learn. They could wait their turn inside the barn or under the awning, but Grey stayed out in  the fog and the drizzle, partly obscured by the fog from the onlookers. Maquisapa was off on the edge of the property, giving lessons in hunting and stealth technique.

To stay on the feet wearing weighed down training armor and swinging the heavy leaden training blade in the rain was more taxing, than Grey thought, but he managed to stay with it to his own great satisfaction. The day went quicker than he thought until the last student visitor gave him the best wishes and rode off into the evening. Satisfied, Grey walked slowly to his cottage, where the girls have spent the day preparing the holiday feast. His friends were waiting for him with a warm cup of mulled wine and he sat down and sipped it slowly,. before going upstairs to take off his armor and for a dry change of clothes. Xadas supervised the senior students as they took down the awning, and cleaned up after the day, and then joined the others in Grey's cottage.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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